WordPress 5.0 is here with new features such as its editor “Gutenberg”

By | December 20, 2018

This is a known fact in the web industry, WP is the leading Content Management System powering close to 33% of the market. We felt that we had to introduce this new major release to our audience!

Sites using the WordPress or CMS management system will be able to take advantage of the latest version. After weeks of testing, the final version of WordPress 5.0 is now available and can be applied immediately, even if it is recommended to perform some tests beforehand, to see that it does not get stuck anywhere!

The editors of 30% of the sites using WordPress CMS will be delighted to know that WordPress version 5.0 is available and that it brings with it a lot of new features, with a continuous trend towards customization and the arrival of the editor Gutenberg.

The significant change brought by WordPress 5.0 is its editor Gutenberg

Matt Mullenweg, the co-author of WordPress, explains that the choice of Gutenberg editor is a desire to simplify the job so that even a newcomer to WordPress can start with peace of mind.

So far, the WordPress editor has responded very well to the use that editors or site designers have made of it, but we must admit that it was designed for text. However, the content has become increasingly multimedia over the years. From now on, it is necessary to integrate tweets, cards, videos, make photo collages, and insert GIFs and much more. Therefore, it was required a new editor to adapt to the current reality and get out of this soup of text including shortcuts at HTML code level.

Other new features in WordPress 5.0

The new CMS includes a new default theme called Twenty-Nine, which adapts to the block system. On the other hand, it is probably stupid to say, but finally, it is possible to view directly from the editor, which will display on the site, it avoids a lot of coming and going in the preview function to make changes — an ergonomics of work and a saving of time, which are very noticeable.

By the way, the other advantage of this theme and the block system is that you will no longer experience these unpleasant moments or a small change in detail causes interruptions in the entire display of the page.

Many of the new features are mainly for developers, and the list is long, so here is the official link.

As always, WordPress 5.0 is available on the official wordpress.org website or from the WordPress CMS administration of your site. A word of advice before switching to another version of WordPress, do a series of tests beforehand because obviously, this could have certain consequences at all levels, from design to theme to plugins. It’s best to be