Industry Expert Group

OGF-Europe co-ordinates an Industry Expert (IEGGroup to gain a better understanding of how European enterprises are dealing with issues surrounding interoperations, standardisation and their engagement with the core work of OGF.

A key goal is ensuring that the strategy for Grid adoption by the commercial sector is appropriately aligned with EC objectives.

Through close interaction with European enterprises, OGF-Europe will be instrumental in aligning OGF standards and best practices with the needs of industry.

Fabrizio Gagliardi, Microsoft Research & Chair of the Industry Expert Panel

Read more about the IEG in a special feature by Fabrizio Gagliardi published in our monthly eAnnouncement, August 2008: Addressing the Challenges of a fast-changing IT Landscape.

Industry Experts

Fabrizio Gagliardi, Microsoft Research, Chair of the Industry Expert Panel

David Abramson, Monash University
Avner Algom, IGT
John Easton, IBM
Vincent Franceschini, Hitachi Data
Rhys Francis, Australian eResearch Infrastructure Council
Joerg Freund, Siemens
Andrea Manieri, Engineering
Inder Monga, Nortel Networks
Daniel Scheibli, SAP
Bernhard Schott, Platform Computing
Satoshi Sekiguchi, AIST
Raffaele Sgherri, Avanade
David Snelling, Fujistu Labs Europe
Paul Strong, eBay
Martin Walker, formerly HP
Gabriel Zaquine, BT France

Specific mechanisms serving this purpose include:

  • Permanent Board: high-level experts appointed by OGF & OGF-Europe. Members will be a balanced mix of experts from enterprise, policy-making bodies, academia & research offering strategic support on Grid adoption, Open Standards & policy.
  • Extraordinary Board: experts appointed specifically to work with OGF-Europe on selected topics of key interest to the project from both a technical & non-technical perspective.

Synergies for Standards

The push towards standardisation involves consensus from user communities and the definition of Best Practices. Open corridors are needed to foster communication across projects, with different standard groups, policy bodies and different user communities.

OGF-Europe is actively pursuing synergies to support Grid adoption and the drive towards standardisation. Synergies will cover:

  • Grid Impact Reporting
  • Synergies with EU projects
  • Synergies with Enterprises
  • Policy & Standard Bodies
  • Global Synergies

Synergy with GridTalk

OGF-Europe has developed a synergy with GridTalk to strengthen links within the scientific research community and report on the impact of Grid across the EU.