How Cloud Computing Technology Is Changing Management

By | July 31, 2018

Cloud computing technology has come a long way over the years and is changing the way that businesses operate. One of the areas impacted by cloud computing technology is management. There are a number of ways that cloud computing is changing management and you need to know what they are so you can better implement changes in your business.

Real-Time Information

One of the ways that management is being changed by cloud computing is through the real-time information that is now available. In the past, managers would have to wait for reports from different teams to understand the progress of a project. This is no longer the case as managers will be able to access all of the data in real time.

This makes management more effective, but could also lead to a problem with micro-management. Data overload is also possible and this can cause a lot of friction between managers and staff. The impact of real-time data will need to be balanced when managing projects to avoid conflict or feelings of being over-supervised.

Managing Compliance

better efficiency at workThe task of management groups will not only be to ensure that every project and department is on track. Management will also need to ensure that their departments and projects are compliant with internal procedures and government regulations. When working with cloud computing, there will often be more work to be done when it comes to compliance.

Management groups will have to assess if the data being shared on the cloud is compliant with all regulations. This is particularly important if the business works with sensitive data which is being stored in the cloud. The controls which were previously in place to maintain compliance may become impractical with cloud computing.

This means that management will also need to relook the procedures which have been in place and are currently used. These procedures will have to be improved to deal with the new cloud environment. In this way, management is being made more responsible in terms of compliance when cloud computing is being used.

Workflow Approval

Cloud computing is also changing the way that management deals with workflow approval. In many businesses, managers will have to sign off on stages of projects and other daily work. In the past, this would generally be sent to management via email or as a hard copy for approval. This delayed the approval and would often be lost in the other documents management receives.

Cloud computing is changing this as it allows approval requests to be sent via cloud software and tracked by shareholders in the process. Cloud computing also makes it easier for managers to provide the approval which is needed. In most cases, the software which is used required the manager to view the data and then click a button to provide approval.

Cloud computing technology is changing the way we do business and impacting management of companies. There are a number of ways that this is happening with real-time information, compliance management, and workflow approval being a few of them.