Dfinity blockchain decentralized cloud project

By | December 28, 2018

Launched last year by researchers, universities and cryptography specialists, the Dfinity decentralized cloud project using blockchain technology has succeeded in attracting investors in 2018. Polychain Capital and Andreessen Horowitz have put 61 million dollars on the table to support this project, promising to reduce the cost of the cloud infrastructure by 90% compared to Amazon or Google solutions.

A decentralized cloud network

The project for a decentralized cloud network based on blockchain technology, Dfinity, has come out of the woodwork. Launched in 2017 by researchers, universities (including the famous École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne) and European cryptography specialists (Dominic Williams, Timo Hanke, Ben Lynn…), Dfinity is a project full of promise and we will keep an eye on it for you in 2019. Among them, the task of creating a new cloud model that reduces the cost of business applications running on it by nearly 90% compared to the pricing of suppliers such as AWS and Google and with extremely short processing times.

Last October, a – small – test network using 500 nodes would have made it possible to finalize calculations in one second compared to 10 minutes for a network based on the Ethereum network. Of course this is still a much higher output than what the Bitcoin network is able to offer (click here for achat de bitcoin) in 2018 and beyond!

“The Dfinity network produces a unique “Internet computer” with unlimited capacity. You do not need to manage individual computer instances, nor do you need to copy data into a database in case one of your computer instances is restarted or blocked. Instead, you let the Internet computer take care of everything for you… It is unstoppable and also contributes to many modern requirements such as data privacy. Co-hosting enterprise systems on a single, massive virtual computer ensures, where desirable, much better interoperability,” said Dominic Williams, Scientific Director of the Dfinity project.

Discussions with hosts and various suppliers

The Dfinity project seems well on its way to becoming more powerful. It has just succeeded in obtaining substantial funds to ensure its development – 61 million dollars – from renowned investors, Polychain Capital and Andreessen Horowitz. The is a very bullish news for the company!

To scale the company up, Dfinity project leaders say they are in discussion with renown hosting providers to convince them to use their decentralized blockchain-based cloud technology infrastructure. Discussions with hardware manufacturers are also underway to produce specialized servers to “mine” Dfinity. With the capital and funds raised, the project’s promoters also hope to build about twenty datacenters and deploy them around the world to kick off this next-generation of cloud network, which should not be launched before several months.


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