Why You Should Move To The Cloud

By | August 2, 2018

Cloud computing has come a long way and there are more and more people adopting this. If you run a business, you need to know all of the reasons why you should look at moving to the cloud. The benefits of cloud computing can help your business in a number of different ways.

The Flexibility

When your computing is all done on hardware that you own, you will have limited flexibility. It will be harder and more expensive to upgrade your computing when you need to expand. Additionally, if you have seasonal peaks in your needs, you do not want to get expensive computing hardware which will be redundant for the rest of the year.

This is where cloud computing will be able to help you. As you do not own any of the hardware, you will not have to worry about the expense of them. The cloud computing provider that you work with will generally have a range of different cloud packages that you can use. This allows you to easily increase and decrease your cloud capacity when you need it and for as long as you need it.

Disaster Recovery

data distributionAll businesses should have a disaster recovery plan in place because you never know when something bad is going to happen. Cloud computing can help with this plan because all of your data will be saved in the cloud. This will reduce the expenses that you face with your disaster recovery plan because you will not have to store servers at 2 locations.

When disaster hits your company, your employees will also be able to continue working with cloud computing. This is due to the fact that they will be able to work anywhere as long as they have an internet connection. This can reduce the impact that a disaster has on the operation of your business and reduce the loss of income that you could face.

Automatic Software Updates

One of the benefits of cloud computing is the fact that the server is off-site and being monitored by IT professionals hired by the cloud computing provider. This means that you will not have to hire your own IT people to handle the updating of the servers and all of the software. This will generally be included in your cloud package.

Automatic software updates are important because they boost the security of your data. Updates to software will close known holes and ensure that you are safer from hackers. When you have to run the updates yourself, you might be tempted to put this off or your employees could delay the installation.

Environmentally Friendly

If your business is looking to be environmentally friendly, cloud computing is the right solution. When you use the cloud, you can fluctuate your server capacity as you need it. This will actually reduce the amount of energy that your company uses as you will not have to servers that you are not using. The fact that you can work from anywhere will also help you reduce your reliance on paper which is another way to save the environment.